“The only parking sensor in the world you can change the desired parking position between 2cm to 2m from the wall”


Park Aid Device




The PARKAID lets you park your car right up to the wall in your garage or parking bay – as close as 5cm’s from the wall. The PARKAID is extremely accurate and makes it so easy to park in EXACTLY the same place every single time you park. This means you do not have to worry about bumping or scratching your cars bumper ever again!

The PARKAID is easily calibrated at the push of a button which means you can also park a few meters away from the wall if you want to – every single time. It makes parking so relaxing and quick, let PARKAID do the hard work for you! The PARKAID works off batteries making it as simple as saying PARKAID, to install in your garage or parking area.


“I’m so used to using this product that I nearly crashed my car in public parking lots! It’s incredibly helpful and I really like how you can set it to the exact distance you what your vehicle from the wall. I have so much more space in my garage now that my car is parked so efficiently! I definitely recommend it”

“Great product, only thing I don’t like is how I can’t take it everywhere I go. Really good for teenagers learning to drive. Probably the only reason my kids haven’t totalled the car yet.”

“I bought one for my mom who’s not the most talented driver and she loves it. Her only complaint is that there’s no beeping so she originally struggled to adjust. Ultimately, I think this is a minor issue considering how much more relaxed she has become at parking.”

“What I really enjoy about parkaid is that you can change the space you want your car from the wall. My wife likes her car a different distance from the wall then I do, so we’ve both customised our parkaids to our preferences so we can park in our perfect spots.”


The PARKAID uses 2 types of distance or proximity sensors to make sure that your pride and joy is parked accurately each time. The PARKAID has a very low power draw which means you should get anywhere between 6 months to 1 year of usage from a set of batteries. The PARKAID is both affordable and economical to use!

The PARKAID uses LED lights that are extremely bright. As you drive up to the PARKAID the bright Blue LED lights will light up. The closer you get to your preferred position more rows of lights will start to light up, until you get to your final position when a row of Red LED lights will illuminate telling you to stop.

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